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Life through my spiritual eyes❤️
2020-04-20 20:12:24 (UTC)

With a hammer in your hand ❤

Listening to: To Be Alive - Def Leppard
And then in conversation
I love the way you mention
Nothing's ever gone your way
With a hammer in your hand
You spell out a master plan
We never learn
It must be somebody holding your heart
Something that tears us apart
Every time you want to
Any time I touch you
I can't help to be myself
I hold on to this moment
Any time is right to be alive
"I was born with a soul that is way too sensitive for this cold and ugly world. I have always felt things deeply and differently than most people. that has always been my blessing and my curse" - Reggie Nulan
Good Evening! 🌙
It has been a good day overall. Sometimes I forget what day it even is lol, Remember those panties some of us had as kids that had the days of the week on them? those would be helpful for me haha.

I washed my bedding and hung it on the line. I am obsessed with line-dried sheets. The smell just makes for the most comforting sleep. I haven't been sleeping the best lately. So many dreams leaving me tossing and turning. Nothing specific I can remember enough to write down. I think it's because even awake my mind is going like mad. The quarantine has given me so much time to think about life and what I want from it going forward.
I am excited about the future but I think many are. I don't think it will go back to the normal we all know. I think it's a life-changing event. It will change how people interact. How cautious people are. I know it will make me hyper-vigilant in the future. I was already but more so now. I always used sanitizer but I did not think twice about every lil thing. It will be a new normal for us all but I assume it will take over a year for things to fully be operational but at least today our province announced we approached the peak of this virus, yay!

I finally received the Costco order of things for the women's shelter and found more to donate. I have now 9 garbage bags and two boxes to take in plus the Costco order. I had gone to the pharmacy the other day to get a script. While I was there I did some more shopping for the shelter. They had toothbrushes on clearance at 2/$1.00 so I grabbed 40 of them. I also bought body sprays, deodorant, mouthwash and face wash and a bunch of face masks. I made a big box for the shelter of all those. It's nice to have the lil extra's and it only cost me about $200 combined with the Costco order. I hope it helps. I will drop them off tomorrow. I called to be sure it's ok. I was going to go last week but I figured it's best to make one trip instead of two when I got everything in.

I have been studying Crystals. The benefits. There are specific crystals empaths uses for protection and clarity. I always wear rose quartz. I find peace wearing mine, but there are a few others I am looking to get once things simmer down and stores reopen. I definitely think the ways I been tinkering deeper into my abilities lately through tarot really may be the reason my sleep feels restless with so many dreams. I also been messing around with an opening of the "3rd eye". Don't fret. I know what I am doing lol.

Ok, I am going to go rest in bed and read until I am tired.
Goodnight! ❤