London Life
2020-04-20 16:08:13 (UTC)

Bad Football, the bikini pool party

The Football League last week issued an 18-paragraph statement, in which they talk "the practicalities of playing football behind closed doors" without ever mentioning that there could be any other options. There is a mania about finishing the present season by the summer, despite the fact that next season is unlikely to proceed as planned, so there is no hurry to finish this season, other than for television. Italy is now saying, no crowds at football in the whole of 2020.

Bluntly, if they are happy to play football without me being able to attend, I am less inclined to go back when they do want me to attend. Especially as there are so many other events to catch up on which will have been re-arranged. There is a lot of talk about how we will eventually come out of the lock-down. The sort of entertainment we go to - small music venue, little theatres - might be the last to open.

I've been impressing my manager at work, with good suggestions for work improvements and efficient carrying out of tasks, whereas his opinion of me six months ago when he was my senior manager was probably that I did as little as possible, and only when pushed. I think I will apply for the vacant manager's job this time.

Today Jack and me went up to Kentish Town to get some food and a take-away falafel wrap. We tried to cut through the back streets but got confused both there and back. In the morning I'd sorted out the wires under my desk. A lot of them didn't actually lead anywhere, or were obsolete. There was even an old physical, landline telephone answering machine there. Most of them, I could throw away. Very satisfying.

Tonight we continued catching up watching television we'd recorded, but never watched, with the third documentary about the foreign office, this time dealing with Brits in trouble abroad. One was a bloke who got arrested for organising a swimming pool party with what the Cambodian police called "partially naked people" - i.e blokes in shorts and girls in bikinis! @Also the FO helped a girl who had to escape a forced marriage by fleeing her parents in Bangladesh on her 18th birthday, on the weekly day she was allowed out to study. And a couple in the British Virgin Islands who were stranded in their destroyed house after an earthquake.

Elina showed me some picture puzzles, just before bed. Then I chanced upon a gorgeous girl on Instagram, looking beautiful in revealing dresses and posting lots of pics of her great figure outside in bikinis. She turned me on, so I didn't turn in until 01:40, again.

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