deanne and Connor

our dialog
2020-04-20 14:16:13 (UTC)

Post Visit & Task

i am SOOOOO glad we finally connected this morning! i had been working on my class and keeping Palace on in the background for a few hours before You arrived. i was glad to hear that Your lack of any weekend visits was due to "company", which i had deduced.
It can be difficult these days for me to find the alone-time to make our visits mutually engaging and fun, but i was at least happy to have the opportunity to bring You pleasure. The thought of taking You in my hand and massaging You ever so slowly was extremely arousing and when the magic moment finally arrived.....placing my face just inches from you so that You could paint and mark my face was over the top exciting!

As You instructed when the opportunity arose i went to the bathroom and took some pearly-white liquid hand soap and drizzled some across my cheek to feel and see what i might look like if You had actually painted my face. The sensation of it trickling down my neck was SOOOOOOO hot! xoxoxo My only regret was that since it was soap i really couldn't lick my fingers clean.... :(