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2020-04-20 20:22:06 (UTC)

We only know so much

I finished watching We only know so much today. It provoked some emotions deep down. The whole story was about a normal family, the wife cheated on her husband with an art teacher she met in a book club. The husband is like Reed in Criminal Minds, nerdy, literate and talented in arts tho. The wife suffered from a mental breakdown after her secret lover committed suicide, she joined a support group to reduce her pain. Their lives are choked, they go into a vicious circle, blaming each other for every trivial thing that may evoke their anger or impatience. There are three turning points that made them decide to change and pursue what they've been wanting to do in their life, grandpa passed away, the wife shouted "go make your fucking life" at her sinking-into-melancholy daughter who hasn't figured out her meanings in life, their 7-year-old son was dumped by his girlfriend but told them "I'm not sad, because we had happy times". Eventually, the husband decided to paint to memorate his dad, the wife was holding her own book club. The daughter also moved on and pursue a career in the fashion industry.
We feel choked when you get older, bills, job, family, all of them are like endless burdens come to you and you can't escape, drowning in them. Life is like a muddy mire trapping you, sometimes you even feel everything is as heavy as unreal. You are drifting in the sea, taking control over the tide? It seems like impossible.
We don't realize that we're repeating going into that vicious circle until something that can alter our entire world happens in our life, big changes and sad loss. I'm always amazed by how resilient humans can be, after things that may have been grinded their life apart. Sufferings surprisingly empower us to pull ourselves together and battle with the undesirable situation.
Go make your fucking life!
Instead of sinking into sadness, I'd rather go live my life and make it better.