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2020-04-20 13:16:31 (UTC)

The Pen Name Mess

The websites with pen names may not be a good idea, but at least I got one with TIna. Is Alex Pym a good name for a girl? I'm not so sure, and Tina's pen name is, well, Rosa Pauley. Not so great either. We use Reedsey. an online book editor to generate random pen names. This is just my English pen name.
You are probably asking me, why this is the English pen name? Well, I got a Chinese pen name also. It's called Lao Gao. I give out this name a wild guess and plus, it's a weird name perhaps.
So far, our pen names are a huge mess, because they are too hard to pick. So what to do with them? Put them on my books of course.

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