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2020-04-20 10:49:25 (UTC)

Quarantined with Linda and her children

With the lockdown I spend weekdays with Linda and her family and we both work from home. We go back to my flat on Friday night to spend time with ourselves and come back to her place on Saturday night. Spending time in her home with her children brings back all the emotions of being a dad at home with my children and more pungently highlights what we all have missed out on, that is, my children and I and including my ex. I have always said she will not make a worse decision in her lifetime than ending our marriage. Well as they say, another man's loss in another man's gain. I have so much to give in a family setting and it is such a shame than my children miss out on this but it is what it is and we just have to deal with the cards handed to us by life. I am happy, very happy with Linda, yes there will always be challenges (this is normal) but I believe I have the experience and temperament to navigate through these and learn from any hiccups to make the relationship an enjoyable and successful one.