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2020-04-20 02:54:12 (UTC)


I made a To Do list for tomorrow on which I noted to catch up on all of my diary writing. I feel disoriented when there's no documentation. Today had been calm and pleasant, no arguments with family members and C and I talked in a very friendly way. I was drawing and listening to music when he texted and somehow that I'm too tired to recall now, we ended up trading music. Our tastes are different for the most part but we oddly enough agree on metal. Neither of us are die hard fans for the genre but we do go for the music and the overall maddening feel it provides. I revisited Deftones and he sent me Tool and Metallica. I should revisit that part of my music library. It's a different compartment altogether but in the time being it really makes me feel good.

Oh, look at that, a worthwhile paragraph. It's good to lie down at the end of the day and feel fulfilled. I certainly feel calm now. I've been falling asleep at around 5 am though and forcing myself to wake up at around 9. So maybe at the beginning of the morning is more accurate.

I don't know what else to put out there but to say that I miss a certain time. A time of a story thought to be happening long ago and of long talks under the pretence of driving in a cop car to the sound of Depeche Mode. Maybe none of it was ever real, maybe it was the only real thing, or maybe it was somewhere in between - a happy deviance of whatever reality taking over. Either way, I miss it and hello.

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