London Life
2020-04-15 14:53:58 (UTC)

Run Bingo

Sunday 19/04/2020
The washing-up is really annoying. I used to wash up about once a week, it was only the plate from my daily breakfast, maybe a bit of toast at night, the plastic containers for our lunches, and the cooking saucepans if I had time to do any on Sunday. Now there's a sink-full within less than two days. The most obvious result of our changed lifestyle.

Today we were going out to get some food, decided to do a quick litter-pick and I stayed out for nearly two hours, Jack for nearly three, mainly getting hard-to-pull out items from one set of thick bushes. Jack had bought two litter-pickers, but he broke one of them yesterday just doing a few items in our street.

We never got around to buying the food: Jack had friends, and then family, calls while I went on a run to fulfil Paul's challenge: a picture from a high position. I was going to run to the top of Swains Lane, but decided Dartmouth Park would do. Then I did the football quiz and got 18 put of 40, less than last week.

Yesterday I did a Zoom chat with some Islington people. This one was mainly blokes: Simon, Steve, Graham, James and another one or two, though also Caroline and Kike. I tried run-bingo a third time. The first time I included Copenhagen Street (place-name) and was going to do Shirley Street (person's name) then White Lion Street. (both colour and animal), and back to Church Way (building) via Maple Street (because Cedar Way hasn't got a proper street sign). But as Shirley Way was not there any more - there's a park instead - I decided to divert to John Street. But I forgot to go to Church Way.

So I tried again yesterday, staying in the borough, but realised I'd left one category out (body part). It was hard to find one, until I realised Sidmouth Street was already on my previous route. So I did it again today, and as a bonus I got a picture of Maple Street with it's modern borough sign, rather than an old St Pancras one.

My work-chair arrived on Friday while Jack was working at the Nightingale, and I put it partly together today but I think it's missing a part. I've also been sorting out my plugs and leads, something I've been meaning to do for years. I also found my ladyshave lead and my charger, both of which have frustratingly been missing for a few days.