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2020-04-19 13:49:29 (UTC)

A little tip that may help you😊

I know I'm suggesting a lot of things here to deal with the current issues. Even suggestions that don't even have to deal with Covid but just life in general. Here is something I completely forgot and didn't realize I enjoy so much. I think I mentioned having Alexa. I mean I have Alexa everywhere. So I'm sure the NSA has a full profile on me. However, I have Alexas throughout the house. Even a mobile Alexa in both my vehicles.

So my suggestion is to subscribe to Amazon music. You already have it if you have Amazon prime but not the full music library. In most of my rooms, I can at a whim ask Alexa to play any artist or any song I want. Even some posts here mentions some artist I don't even know. Right that second, I just blurb out some artist name I never even heard about and their song if specified in the post and voila, I hear it. It's great to discover these great sounding artists that I never even heard of before. But some of them? Uh... must be a generation thing. haha.

So yeah, if you can afford a little bit to subscribe to Amazon music, I 'd do it. I think it's only $10 or $15 bucks a month. Not much really. On a couple of my Alexas, I have it hooked up to a stereo so it blows my hair back which at the current moment would be a good thing because it's way too long right now.