I'll always love you
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2020-04-19 12:52:26 (UTC)

I'll always love you

It's was February 6 2019 iwas on my way back home then I decided to grab something to eat 😍 that's where I saw him tall lighted skin I knew dat was the love of my life #husbae 😍he came towards me ....him:hi pretty lady whats your name, m:mpilo, him: Nompilo,me:no Mpilenhle. My heart was beating so fast saying he loves you igave him my numb 😍😍 he WhatsApped meπŸ€— we talked ended up dating 😘 he was my life 17 February iwent to visit his place πŸ€—πŸ€— iwas so happy to see him phel we usually talk over the foun I spent a night with the love of my life month's past m n him we were so happy we bacame close frndz πŸ˜₯ bt he cheated on m our love bacame so weak decided to live and never come back but I realised my heart is still with him 😏I tried to stop it but couldn't,he called.him:y did you leave you knw ilove you,me:ur love is killing me and you are the one who made me leave ..then my frnd come ,nothi:why are you still talking to him he doesn't dersve you 😏😏😏 but Iknw my heart still loves him so much ...Saturday morning we decided to go out. For drinks πŸ₯‚ der imet a guy who was polite his name was busizwe..him: helow young lady you look very beauty and shy, thank says me don't u wants anything to drink? Am water will be fine thanks, hooo come on have a glass of wine am sure it won't kill u, me ohk , time was running and iwas getting drunk then my favourite song played I dance everyone was shocked to see me dance time rushed and it's was time for m to go homeπŸ˜₯ iwent home ichecked if he called no he didn't was so hurt heart broken 1 January 2020 went to the famouse club met a guy der but my heart was still wit da love of my life Igot drunk on our way back we had a car accident he was badly hurt Ididnt have anything iden realised that when u love someone don't try to forget them using other people or bad things because you will die