Nala Toph

Written Thoughts
2020-04-19 03:18:59 (UTC)

Oh this night will be remembered...

So I’ve already came out before about being a guy. Took me a while to share that bit of true identity with the internet but if you missed that part well then here you go, I am indeed a cisgender male.
So with that part out of the way i have a girlfriend who has come out as trans so I guess I should start saying boyfriend. But with her being biologically a female there is still a worry of pregnancy when we have sex. And we did. Like just an hour ago... she has been on the pill for 3 months now with consecutive days of taking. There’s only one percent chance that i impregnated them. Honestly that chance is a bit too high for me, I’m not a fingers cross kinda guy. I’m genuinely anxious about having a baby to worry about. I’m too young, i know Kailan is worried a bit too. I hope they get a pregnancy test and it comes out negative. Now tbh, I’m kinda against the idea of having a child grew up being told its mom is a dad and vise versa. But it is up to my partner to decide how they present themselves.
I still have a few condoms but she was really wanting it other wise... it did feel better for her but honestly was a little hard for me.. and it was hard for me because *it* wasn’t all that hard. Sex already isn’t the easiest thing and having the challenge of constantly going limp makes it impossible. Kailan had to get it hard again 6 times. Even then i felt like i was soft for the most of it. He laughed at me a couple times, I did too. It was kinda embarrassing, but knowing I’m only 17 and i have done this before, I’m really not concerned about the reason why. It’s probably nothing. And incase anyone is wondering, yes it was still on the bricks and yes those bricks are more comfortable than you think.