Do Not Disturb

2020-04-18 21:07:13 (UTC)

Just A Little Bit

J finally texted me back but on Snapchat saying that he was in the hospital that's why he haven't been responding back for the past couple of days... Or three. And here I am thinking he broke up with me and that's what I asked him if, we were still together he texted me, "Duh." But because I haven't heard from him and he just stopped responding. He said he twisted his leg by going down the stairs and missing a step. The first time he twisted his ankle was when he was playing basketball. Let me remind you we still haven't seen each other and we've been talking for 4 months now. Started in February. And you guess it on MeetMe. Usually I don't date guys online. I've meet two guys on their and they turned out to be complete assholes. One of the guys only dated for two months and he broke up with me after New Year's. The guy after that just wanted sex and I gave it to him ( which was stupid I know ) even though he said he didn't only just want sex. I should've just stopped him right their but I was completely fascinated by his looks. I blocked him afterwards. He hasn't showed up after that night. And if, this doesn't work out. Oh well. He lives 3 hours away. And I'm here. Idk. Maybe its meant for me to take a break from relationships and guys in all. I'll talk to them but I won't hook up with them. Not at least for a while. Not at least till I'm in college. Till next year. Nah... I don't think I'll be able to handle it. We'll see.

Grandpa birthday is in a coupls of days and we'll be doing a balloon release at his grave. I don't think I'll be able to handle all the emotions. I know my Grandma won't either. Especially my Grandma.

This morning has gone off to a rough start . Everybody kept complaining about me going back to sleep so I just didn't sleep at all. Even though it was early as hell. I woke up with coffee and chicken biscuit from Mcdonald's. And then I got mad cranky because I didn't get enough sleep like how I wanted too. My Grandma kept telling me how emotional I am like I don't know that already. She always makes it worse by telling me that. Then, she got mad at us and called us "lazy" because we didn't do the dishes but when I try and tell her that I do do the dishes she says, " I don't wanna hear it." When she doesn't even do the dishes her damn self. 🙄

Grandmas... Can't get enough of them.

Mood : I have none anymore their hidden

- A

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