Experienced Life
2020-04-18 08:16:58 (UTC)

Somewhat quiet morning 🤫

It has been quiet as usual this morning except for a few emergencies this morning. No, not me having issues with my morning problems on not being able to pee due to my hard on problems (But is it a problem? I see enough commercial saying they have the pill to get my problem). Anyway, I heard sirens on three separate occasions in just a couple of hrs. I live not too far from a fire station so if they have to head West, then I hear them. Hope it's not too serious but if I were to guess, can't help but think it may be covid related? Dunno, sounds stupid now that I just wrote it. For sure it won't be a cat stuck up in a tree.

The gym don't have any afternoon classes even though it's online. I have a 10AM which I don't think I'll have enough time to ready for and an 11AM which I will be ready for but it's a brutal cardio class! 🤮 I took it once and it was the most challenging one I took in awhile. I see lots of gym peeps petering out near the end. I myself barely finished and I've been doing this for 2 years now. When I tried to host this same class to my friends, I had to split it into two separate workouts because it was the brutal for them.

I think I'll try to do the normal 10AM class. My hamstrings and quads are still telling me to go to hell this morning because they are sore from yesterday's workout. In fact, I think the Thursdays workout is the cause of some of my muscle aches. I did some foam rolling last night and I wanted to scream doing it. My legs were hurting. That moment where you are foam rolling your quads and you roll into a muscle knot that sort of causes you to stall your roll? Well the moment where you keep going and that knot finally gives and pops over to the other side of that roller? Oh holy hell that hurts and you want to scream like a baby. haha. I believe I did too. But it's all good. I sat of the sofa later and did my virtual whimpering with the help of a couple glasses of wine.

Well, going to go for a quick shower and decide on what class to attend. Such is my life. I think later, I need to go to Costco to get some spring salad. I"m almost out and I screwed up my diet these past couple of weeks. I hit the high of 165 lbs early this week and that scared me. I did some extra workouts and ate better. Now I'm down to 163 lbs this morning.

Oh, and I did something so stupid too. Like I said, I'm down to 163 lbs this morning when I weighed myself. Then, I had to go #1 (no issues this morning thank goodness) and had a thought. Hey, I just peed so I should weigh myself again. I did and my weight was 162.4 lbs. So... now for the first time in my life, I know how much a good pee weighs. lol