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2020-04-17 18:11:56 (UTC)

Another good day 🙃

I teleworked at home for awhile up until my firewall guy started not doing things correctly so I had to go in to work and help him out. Final result? Customer's connection to Azure from our Data center is up and running. I was pretty worried because I built the logical Palo Alto firewall and set up the customer's express route. It was on me to have built it right. There were a lot of moving pieces in that build and so yeah... it could easily have not worked. It's like building a highway and then letting the first car pass through and see if the car don't fall into a sinkhole :) haha. But nope, except for the firewall rule my buddy was doing incorrectly, it had it's happy ending. So yippee!! I felt great. And because I don't toot my horn at work, upper management just don't care. As long as we don't break anything is pretty much their motto. But it was a big job and I'm feeling good even though I don't qualify for an interview. Only one other person knew how to do what I did. Again, yippee !!!!!

I had a light lunch. I've been eating not so ideal so I'm now at around 163 lbs. Not where I want to be. I can only fool myself by saying "It's because I'm building muscle" but even I can call bullcrap on myself for saying that. So the day at work ended and it felt like time went by so fast. Got home, did my workout. Man oh man!!! My quads and hamstrings were burning. It's like having sex standing up and lasting so long but when you're finally done, you legs are like jello, and not the finger jello where it's still firm. I mean like an underrefridgerated jello . So yeah, to say my legs and quads were worn out is an understatement.

1/2 hr after my class, I hosted a class for my meetup friends. All women this time. I have to say that this was the best most fit bunch I taught so far. Not one guy signed up. All women and I can see that they are getting better. For one lady, it was her first and she parties like me. I know because we've gone to events and she can down them drinks for sure. The rest have been attending regularly so I know how they are and their level. But dang!!!! They are improving. They have more endurance now. Also, their technique is getting better too. Their form is pretty awesome. I see that they are keeping their back straight when they need to and I hardly have to correct them on anything anymore. They used to need some tweaking but now, hardly ever. I feel good when people do better.

When they were starting to get tired, I could see it and I am able to say the stupidest things to make them laugh to keep going. Laughter makes you not as tired apparently so I keep saying things to make them smile even when they're feeling the burn. I also say things to inspire them to work out and push themselves better. No one wants to just hear a coach yelling at you to go faster, lift heavier. I mean, that's no helping. Again, I seem to know how and what to say to give them that extra oomph they needed to finish the station.

So that was pretty much my day. Renee replied to my post again with a heart. haha. I'm so high-schoolish aren't I? But yeah, no dating with the gym peeps. I should shower after this post. (No lush bomb for me though. Not yet. Neener- back to my friend here).

Have a great weekend folks. Remember, working out brings out all kinds of cool stuff in you. That's pretty much is the total medical talk I can muster.