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2020-04-17 01:39:57 (UTC)

Finally a hobby that's healthy 🤓

All my life, I've been so determined to win at whatever hobby or whatever it is I did. Not all hobbies or sports were healthy. Sure, some were but I only did a lot of hobbies because I loved and/or craved to win. I couldn't help it. I just had the determination to win every time. But hardly any of my sports or hobbies were really healthy type where your body gets in shape. I mean I used to love trap shooting in Hawaii but it doesn't take a lot of physical effort to go pew-pew with a shotgun.

I finally turned my life around when I started doing circuit training, crossfit or whatever it is it's called nowadays. I never really understood all the health jargon. Still don't but I now have a basic understanding about it. I see and now live the results of working out. The mental calm that it provides you. The confidence it gives you. The relaxed feelings it gives you. Not being invisible anymore. Depression is squashed big time. I read up on the positives and start reading about how the body releases all these chemicals in your body when you exercise and how good they are like dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, oxytocin. Funny how it helps you understand your body more.

Anyway, I read a post about how working out can be good for you to fight against covid-19 too. I at first was thinking bull-crap! It has nothing to do with not getting or getting impacted less from Covid-19. But after reading what I read, I'm thinking hmmmmm, maybe not. I mean I hope it's true because if there is another chemical your body releases and it supposedly protects your against Covid-19 or at least helps fight getting really sick if you contract it, then that's great.

Today, I get a facebook message from a gym peep. She was at my original gym that closed down. She says she missed me. Awwww. So nice to get a message like that. It's as if I left a friendly impression with her when we worked out. Her name is Rachael. She's cute, blond, nice body but never knew if the carpets matched the drapes.👅 Mixed race maybe 1/2 white 1/2 Mexican?

I mention her because when we'd work out at the gym, I'd get that feeling like someone is watching you. We all know how that is right? This was a class of around 40 maybe? So I turn and look at whomever it was and it was her. She'd do that from time to time. I'd bust her everytime. So once in awhile, I'd lock in on her looking at me and I'd look back without turning. Then I'd catch myself and think "oh oh, what am I doing". So I'd turn away first not wanting to start anything. Gym members would have short friendly chats before class would start. Sometimes during class if we're grouped together or when we had short water breaks. I did speak with her a few times and she'd end up telling me about herself more and more. Personal stuff but not bad personal stuff. Never thought anything of it though. Just having fun and it's easy to be friendly when you're having fun. I'd listen more than anything.

So now she says she misses me huh? That's an ego boost. Not gonna lie. Cute blond telling you that? Pfftfft! What guy would not like that? hehe. Still, I don't want to break my rule about not pooping where I eat. Sigh.. The gym is too valuable to me. It's given me so much. I don't want to blow a perfect thing. A perfect hobby. My happy place.

Here is the link to the interesting read I was mentioning.

This is me having a healthy dinner and later kicking back watching a brain mushing show. I"m sorry but I'm enjoying this time right now making the most of this situation. Stay safe peeps. My friends on this site? Thank you for all your kind, cool, messages. It's always nice to get them from you all. In fact, I always look forward to messages when I logon here. You folks always post nice or inspiring things to me. I like it.

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