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2020-04-15 21:26:32 (UTC)

Give one take one 🤗

Today's events. Drama free. Went to work. From the start of the day till the end of the night. It was good.

At work, I held a webex presentation to teach one of the Depts in CA on how to do some basic firewall configs. I do so because the Palo Alto I built for them will be for them to manage. They have zero experience on how to use it. Of course, there is one smart aleck marking snark remarks. He tries to make some lame comparisons about his grout or something? I think to the nature of how he has dirty grout and he wants to make it clean and perfect. I dunno. It was lame but I think he in general was trying to critique my training. Haha. He felt I was advocating perfection when managing a firewall. I dunno. To me, there is no other way. I have high standards at work. Shouldn't be anything less than that. All the slackers or 1/2 asses? Well, then get out of my way then. But the other Network guy there that is the lead was shutting him up because he knew I was doing this all for them to help them out. All I was obligated to do was just give them the keys to the car and adios. Meaning give them admin access and that would be it. But no, that's not how I work.

After work, got home and took my crossfit class. Got my fix of that dopamine. Just a 1/2 hr later, I gave my crossfit class to my friends. They did pretty good. Not bad at all for not being gym regulars. I tried to keep them enthused. When your quads or hamstrings are burning, you need all the inspiration you can get. I know it was because I did that workout the day before. I copied what my coach did and mimic his routine. Yeah, a little pilferage I guess. Hope I spelled that correctly.

Later, did a load of laundry, nuked one of my "Freshly" meals and watch TV. Guess what? That meal must've been a healthy one. You know how I know? It tasted like crap. It looked like chicken feed with a few chunks of chicken cubes tossed on it. So, it sucked. I hope the other meals tastes better otherwise this subscription will not last long. Now I'm sorta full but not a happy full. It's like someone that loves steak but instead is full from eating a big bowl of tofu. Bleh 🤢

I think I earned a show or two of brain mushing. Watching Deadliest Catch and maybe another show later. I cancelled my Netflix since I barely use it. I put lotion on my hands to be potential Millenial candy. Haha. I'm so stupid. I just didn't like it being so dry from what? dozens of hand washing a day? I of course had a nice full glass of wine so I feel just fine.

Weather is starting to trickle up in temp. I think it was 80 degrees on the high today. I'm in gym shirt and boxer briefs now and it's nice and warm in the house. Oh, I did get my check from the Gov't. It was $270 and not $1,200. But yeah, I knew that was how it would be anyway. I make more than the average person so I'll take what I can get.

Well, it's another quiet night. This is what I'm doing. Kicking back watching TV.

Funny, I get reminders on my Amazon photos too similar to Facebook about what I was doing exactly two years ago. This is what I was doing at that time. Different world back then.

That's it for now peeps. Drama free and enjoying life. Taking what it's giving. Take what you got and make the most of it peeps. Get poop accomplished!!! Later :)

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