Nala Toph

Written Thoughts
2020-04-15 11:46:23 (UTC)

I know i should be honest

Being honest is hard sometimes. Quite often i had to lie to get attention, lying is how i hot a lot of friends, I opened up and some left, I’m fine with a small group of friends (in fact I’d still call my group a pretty sizable group) but I really do miss the attention. I went threw a trans phase so whether you want to call it lying is up to you, i still personally feel like i lied. All the guys want is a cisgendered girl, i want to be a cisgendered girl. I wish to be the one who makes a man feel special. Every time I’m honest some people will go, and that’s all understandable. You can’t be friends with everyone. But it really depresses me when a guy will be all happy to talk, sees you’re a man and just leaves. I know most guys are straight, and I do believe that is good. But why can’t my online friends be irl? All the guys who love me are online, well except Tristan but he has a girlfriend. And i have a girlfriend too but, she hasn’t been very dominant like i hoped. She said she was but each time we meet up nothing much happens....

I know people will hate me but... i got to remain honest

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