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2020-04-15 06:28:24 (UTC)

Why do mornings feel so good?

I wake up this morning and I'm feeling pretty good and of course craving coffee. Was lazy so I just used my Keurig today. Didnt feel like making a pot of it. Well, I did but was too lazy so I pop in I keurig capsule, pour a cup of water and voila.

Thinking about my day at work. Should be easy-peasy. Still not gonna tell my boss that I can handle more projects now. I'll use that time to train myself a little bit more in Palo Alto firewalls. Havent spent enough times on this one so I'm sure there are a lot of youtube videos on it.

I will host a workout tonight. So itll be a two gym session day again for me. One I participate in and the other I teach my friends. It should be fun. It's a Tabata session I just did yesterday myself. They will feel the burn just like I did yesterday.

It was garbage day today and I decided I had to get rid of a painting that I never even put up yet. Effing Facebook. They always post cool stuff to buy and I get suckered into buying it. Haha. Well, not really their fault. Just playing around. More of my dumbass fault for wanting their cleverly posted advertisement. But the canvas painting no longer served its purpose so out it went. The only sounds this morning is the garbage trucks rolling around and those hydraulics working to pick up our garbage bins. I dont have to read or listen to the news that we are still in lockdown. I can hear the eerie but nice quite mornings of peace and quiet.

Went to bed last night and apparently, I forgot to turn off the portable heater from the night before so it was warm in my bedroom. In fact, too warm so I slept near commando with just my workout shirt. And of course, being as my cock apparently was loving its freedom, I woke up with an extra hard on today. Haha.

That's why I'm writing this post in bed with my phone. Cant quite put a laptop on my lap just yet. :)

It's a nice day today. I feel like using dual screens to work so I'll drive to work instead of teleworking today. At least for this morning. No worries about bumping into co workers. Only a select few want to drive to work anyway. Like I said, a floor of what used to be a couple hundred is now just 6 maybe? I have about 7 rows just to myself where it used to be enough for 70 peeps

I need to pack a lunch though. Small cafe at the next building closed down for now so I need to eat lunch. And I think that Thai lady that was working there was starting to flirt with me. She'd ask me more and more questions about myself to get to know me. It didnt hit me really till just now. I'm stupid sometimes. Doh!!!

I think I better start using lotion. My skin is naturally soft and it's not by me taking care of it. Just lucky is all. I still recall Tara touching my arms and all over saying I had such soft skin. I laughed. We were in bed at the time ( a long time ago is seems) and again, my silly self told her that I'm not a petting zoo and we both laughed. Anyway, there I go drifting again. I just was saying I need to use lotion on my hands especially the back of my hands. I've been washing them like it's going out of style. And to add insult to injury, my hands are apparently sensitive to workout gloves. Something in them that make the back of my hands itch. I think it may be the old sweat. Dunno. I just see that the back of my hands are tore up now.

I finally used this lotion from Nutri system. It's really good. One of the best out there I think. But I've had this lotion for something like 8 years. Now I'm finally putting it to use. It's really good. Makes my old hands look young again. Wait.....maybe I shouldn't. Haha. I have enough issues meeting too young a woman in the first place. Don't need another Blue Faye part 2 in my life. At least not just yet. Haha

Ok, looks like it's safe to use my laptop again and to go pee. May as well get ready to go to work.

Have a good day peeps. Try to make the most of it. I know there are some of you that didnt put a dent on the " honey do" or "bucket " list that if you were honest with yourself, you do have the time to do a lot of now. Use this time for self improvement if you can. Try to limit the brain musher (TV) to a show or two at most. I myself may cancel Netflix. I dont use it much anyway and itll save me what? I think $15-$20 a month? A little bit helps. That's at least on decent bottle of wine at least. Haha. Ok. Later peeps.

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