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2020-04-15 00:22:45 (UTC)


Not sure what up Bears ass tonight, but she’s talking shit under her breath. Talking about how I’m going to be screwed when she leaves.
She got pissed I set my dishes out there and didn’t wash them.
I’ve not cooked since she got laid off. I don’t wash their dishes either. Only wash mine, just didn’t do it today.
Just pissed me off, and upset me. I get she spent money she shouldn’t have, and now she’s laid off. She’s been buying shit like crazy.
I’ll move, then she can deal with everything on her own. I buy 90% of the food everyone eats. She pays the bills, it’s about even.
Just upset she has to run her mouth and say mean hateful things.
Been tired and hurting a lot due to the weather. Snowed again today. Sick of it.

Problems with my other 2 as well, Barbie is going to be homeless. BabyFace is trying to get me to come get her tomorrow. I don’t need more stress here. I’d rather see her in a step down program.

Then, to top it off, DD2 called, had to deal with that drama.

Then, DD3 left a semi sexual comment on FB so everyone can read it, and I got bombarded with messages from people who seen it as inappropriate. In a way, yeah, but I’ve known him so long it doesn’t faze me.....but see where others are coming from.

Going to bed.

Pain 10
Depression 10
Exhausted 10