London Life
2020-04-14 22:00:02 (UTC)

'Quiz' / packing food for homeless people.

I actually got out to do some volunteering today. While many people have just taken it up, I've had to stop. But a rare community task came up for this morning. I had to check with my new boss first, but it seemed a formality and I cycled up to Tottenham to meet Nurjehan, who I last saw exactly a month ago when we chanced upon each other at New Cross, as well as four girls I'd never met.

Julia was a Kat lookalike, only not Bulgarian but a bar manager from Redbridge. She walked an hour to the task. Natasha was a quite pretty girl from Haringey who organised the event. There was also a teacher and an actress, who was not getting so many musical theatre roles now she's in her 30s, was going to do the Edinburgh festival which is now cancelled, but is still getting voiceover work during the lockdown.

We packed food bags for homeless people. It was nice, but not as great as I thought it would be after nearly five weeks without this. It might have been the social distancing that spoilt it a bit. Or it could have been because I cycled, so didn't get the same adrenalin - I was a bit worried about running as I thought I might be too tired for a two-hour job, and I was a bit worried about just judging the time. The cycle ride would usually be more interesting, but I went the direct, main road way as there's not much traffic.

My boss then asked how I'm going to make up the hours. This despite that we've been told flex time is not operating at the moment - I though they might just give me the time to volunteer at present. I had two meetings, one about customers directly entering data rather than sending a form, and one just showing Janine some stuff, but I didn't even have much work the rest of the day.

Tonight unusually we watched an ITV programme - two episodes of a drama 'Quiz' about the invention of the Millionaire quiz, and the man who won it by cheating, based on a West End play. It was really good, despite dome blatant info-dumps early on. I knew little about it as I've only seen the programme once (when a friend was on it) and never read the news reports about the case.

I also caught up with Barnet friends on Zoom - Abi, Sally, Vicki, Jacqui, Paul and Katie. This time we stopped when the 40 minutes was up. It was about the right number of people, not too many so you get worried to speak in case you're stopping someone else.

Yesterday we still didn't sort out the bedrooms - though Jack did the spare room while I was out this morning. The day went by really quickly and surprisingly I didn't want to go back to work today. We got an Easter Egg from Tesco in the High Street which wasn't even reduced. Then Jack got two more today - even today he only got a reduction on one of them because he told them if was broken.