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2020-04-14 12:56:53 (UTC)

⚠️⚠️Chapter Four⚠️⚠️

⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️Chapter Four⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️

July, 1985....
Crissy is returned to the family of Thomas and Roseann.
Crissy is 14.

Crissy’s life now that she has returned, seems to be calm. Thomas was keeping his distance. Johnnys bedroom was right next to Crissys. At night, she could hear what Thomas was doing to Johnny. Crissy wanted to help Johnny, but couldn’t move. She was paralyzed. Crissy really did change. She never smiled, rarely talked, just stayed isolated in her room.

Crissy and Johnny one day in July, had been in an argument. Thomas was the only one at the house. Roseann was never around anymore.
Thomas put us both in the back yard. Told us since we want to argue, then we need to dish it out till one of us couldn’t stand. Johnny and Crissy just looked at each other, not wanting to. Thomas pulled his belt off. He began to dish out licks on their backs until one of them started to throw punches. Johnny, balled up his fist, and punched Crissy. Crissy just didn’t have it in her to hit Johnny, so Thomas hit her with the belt. It was Johnnys turn again. Thomas reminded Johnny, if it’s not done right, you too, will get the belt....so Johnny balled up his fist super tight, and slugged Chrissy in the nose, breaking it. Blood poured down her face. Crissy still refused to fight. Johnny thought it was over, but Thomas demanded this continue until one of them couldn’t stand. So, Crissy back herself against the tree, and just stood there while Johnny threw punch after punch after punch. His knuckles were bruised and bloody. After a good half hour of this, Crissy was emotionally so dead, she just fell and sat on the ground. No tears, nothing, just a zombie emotionally.

Thomas took Johnny by the arm, congratulating him on his success and took him inside to clean up. Crissy just sat there under the tree, staring off into no where. Thomas came out and told her to get up and get cleaned up. (Roseann was on her way home from work)

Crissy waited only her room till dinner was ready. It was routine that we had chores to do after dinner. And bedtime was the usual 9:00.

Day went ok, as far as I remember. During dinner, Roseann had asked what happened, because Crissy and Johnny had bruises all over them and Crissy had a broken nose. Thomas spoke up and said they had been outside fighting, neither Crissy nor Johnny had wanted to correct his lies. Roseann had made us to extra chores as punishment.

Crissy waited until everyone went to bed. Opened her closet doors, lit her candles, and started to paint and draw. She did that quiet often. Her painting was of “Slash”. Slash was one of her dominant personalities. He was in his early 30’s. Wild eyes, wild hair, and had a deep but craziness to his voice.
(I can’t remember when he first arrived in Crissys life)

She took her towels and placed them under the bedroom door, opened her window, took the screen off and decided to sneak out. She had no clue where she would go, but it was a rush to do what she was doing. She walked down the road, around the corner (still can see the house and road vividly)
She found a house with the garage open, there was a lawnmower and gas tank there. She had heard peers talking about huffing and decided to try it once. Her heart was racing, took the cap off, and started to huff on the gasoline.
I can’t remember what happened, but remember being picked up from my front yard by Thomas, and brought in the house.
After Crissy woke, she took a mental note about what time he left for work.

Crissy continued to withdrawal into her mind day by day. Just walked through life as if she didn’t exist. She escaped through her artwork now, and her SH and had started with an eating disorder. She had no urge to eat.

In school, she had made three friends, Angel, David, and Stephen. Stephen played the guitar...drove an old station wagon. When Crissy made her nightly escapes from the house, they would rob David’s dads liquor store, and head to the cemetery. They smoked weed, got drunk, played music (Led Zeppelin) and did this on a nightly basis.
One night, David had some shovels in the back of the car, and the group had this bright idea to dig up a grave.
(Don’t judge me)
The 4 of them did this to a few graves.
(Can’t remember who’s idea it was.....but)
They ended up taking bones of fingers, and one of them took them home, and made necklaces out of them. Crissy and Stephen wore the necklaces.
Crissy was getting good at making sure she was getting home by 2:30 in the morning. Gave her time to get in, put the screen back on her window, move the towels, and crawl into bed. Thomas always opened her door to come in before work. Crissy was awake every time but acted as if she was asleep. Crissy also kept a blade in her pillow case now, since she had the habit of cutting daily.

Crissy was already drinking daily, smoking weed, cutting, sneaking out, drawing/painting on a daily basis at this point.

She assumed, life would start getting easier.