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2020-04-14 01:50:11 (UTC)

Leftovers 🤮

Ok, I've been eating leftover since Easter Sunday. Ready to say Uncle. I don't eat leftovers much but for the sake of trying to save money, I'm trying. I think I finally ate all the food my peeps shared with me last Sunday. The only thing left is my leftover ham. Still tastes good. I can still smell and taste the smokey smell.

I still have my porterhouse I need to cook soon along with my other food. I think I better freeze my freshly meals. I have way too much food that will spoil if I don't start eating those first. Oh man.. I think I got too much food on my hands. Probably didn't need to order Freshly just yet. haha. Dumbass.

No drama tonight. All good. My friend is still in the hospital so that's the one very bad thing going on. No texts from ex wife or blue Faye which is nice. I need the peace.

So I'm doing well with Covid quarantine. I got this. You are only trapped when your mind thinks you're trapped. Me? I'm good. I'm more than fine with having to do what we are mandated to do for now. Still working. Still working out. Still in communication with friends. All good :) Take care peeps.

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