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2020-04-13 16:56:13 (UTC)

Meal prep? We don't need no stinking meal prep! 😜

Title only makes sense to movie buffs and non-millennials. Anyway, didn't realize I would be so busy that I run out of time to meal prep. I don't know why! I don't drive to work everyday anymore unless I have a lot of network changes to do and need my multi-screened desktop at work. But yeah... I figured I give this a try. Maybe if I don't have to meal prep as much or just cook as much, then I should have more time for whatever.. Perhaps some brain mushing shows to watch? lol Anyway, my first order came in. Oh, forgot to say that they deliver to your door. So you know.... less trips to the market, maybe less chances of getting you know what. It's getting a little hairy that some of the employees at the markets are testing positive for it. Yipes!!!! So the less I have to go to the market, the less chances I figure on getting infected. Let's see if I like the food and if I can really afford it. I'll try it for a few weeks. This is the first shipment I got. This one don't need to prep. You just nuke it and it's ready to eat. Supposedly, much better than what you pick up at the store.

Got done with my gym class today. Big time abs today. You get to the point of abs exhaustion that even after the workout is done, you flex your core without even trying. Like sitting up, your core already kicks in out of reflex action. Grabbing a bottle of water and your abs kick in. lol I didn't post a workout today with my meetup friends. My lower back was still hurting today but feel much better since I activated my core muscles and is now supporting my lower back. I think I'll wait a day or so to host a workout again. I need to take it a little easy this week. I want to limit my circuit training this week to no more than 8 classes total.

I still have lots of leftover food from yesterday so I just need to heat up leftovers. Even though I hate leftovers, I have to make the most of it since I'm staying at home to eat anyway. Trying to save money. Dinner will consist of leftover ham, leftover mash potatoes, and a can of green beans. I still have some pie left from yesterday that Shanti made too.

I feel better now after the workout. Got my fix. All good for now :)

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