deanne and Connor

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2020-04-13 11:49:28 (UTC)

The avatar of U/us....

You instructed me to write some thoughts about the avatar i left posted of U/us at the Cassiopeia gate. Here's my effort:

i had been admiring it since posting it last week.
The more i look at it, and all its nuances, the more i love it.
Its a very simple avatar, yet when You dissect it, its apparent how sexy and suggestive it really is.
His hands draped softly on her ass.....holding her close......not that she needs any encouragement.
Their sensual kiss.....
His thumbs hooked over the back wasteband of her jeans....keeping her close.....again, not that she needs any encouragement.....but perhaps portending something to follow.
How her hair is up in such an "au naturale" manner.......being just a girl for Him......or whatever He wants her to be.
And the tank top that can very easily be slid up or down to expose her pert mounds to Him.......
How her standing up between his parted legs represents her coming to also evidenced by her arms dangling on His shoulders.
she's standing between His legs and feels protected there.....and OHHH so hungry for Him......needing Him.
His somewhat disheveled shirt suggests He is at the end of His day and is ready for, and needing her.
And she is so glad He is there in His Dominant place to take full advantage of all she has to offer Him......not that she has a choice.....
Does she? :)

She didn’t and doesn’t


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