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2020-04-13 08:51:50 (UTC)

Real life issues 🥺

I got a message from our boss that my good friend at work had a stroke. He is currently in ICU. His wife can't even stay with him due to Covid-19. So sad to hear. He is such a good Dad and Husband. His first wife actually passed away. She had Lupus and he spend many years taking care of her till she passed. When he met this lady, it was a perfect match for him. Finally he can enjoy life and not just be sitting by the bedside of a sick wife. Finally he can go out and enjoy the things a normal husband and wife do.

Then this happens. All we can get now are phone updates from his wife because that all she can get too. We can't visit the hospital. They say that the next 24 hrs will be critical. What the hell does that mean? Doesn't sound good to me at all but I didn't say anything. Then they said the next 48 hrs will be a sigh of relief. What!? Does this mean that he could die? WTH?! Hard enough with them having to deal with Covid, they have this life and death issue to deal with too?

They are also just newlyweds so they never really got to have a honeymoon yet due to financial burdens they both had. Living together was making it easier for them and they were finally getting out of the hole.. then this happens. Sheez. I feel so bad for him, my friend of 19 years now. I pray he makes it though. This is a good guy with a good heart. We are close and we can tell each other things that we don't tell anyone else at work. Sad to hear he is fighting for his life. This is life. Life is short folks. Don't think you are guaranteed another day. Make the most of it.

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