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2020-04-12 23:32:14 (UTC)

Ready for the new week 😎

I'm ready to get back to work tomorrow. All caught up and it should be a smooth sailing week. 😎 Found out there were three positions for the promotion. Two of three out of my friends got them. I'm glad for that. The other is an outsider. So I guess that's good too. I feel sorry for my other friend that didn't get it. He is good but I don't know what happened. At least he got an interview. I didn't even get that far. 😡 That's ok though. We still get a 7.5% raise this summer. That is no small piece of change. I plan on driving to work in the morning. There should be around 6 of us on the entire floor. hehe

Last week I worked out about 8 or 9 times. I forget how many exactly. I didn't work out Sat or Sun. So tomorrow, I'm ready to rock it again. I need that fix :) Love how working out gives you the natural chemicals your body and soul needs to make you feel oh so good. You look better, you feel better, and at a time like this, this is your way out of you going coo-coo. I'm sure there are other ways but this works for me.

I'm happy and although my friends can't be with me, we are at least doing zoom get togethers. I don't live in fantasy land. My friends are real. I can see and touch them..eventually anyway. My life is living in reality. This summer, we should be doing a lot of events together. Not zoom, not chatting, not texting. It will be us together at a campfire, hair smelling like smoke, drinking wine, beer, or some alcohol after the younger kiddos are asleep. Staring at the campfire together. Me saying silly stupid stuff making people laugh spitting out their beer.

We'll be kayaking, fishing, hiking during the day. We also drive a few miles and visit the nearby small town to check out their little storefronts. Maybe have lunch there. If near the bay, we go to the local oyster store and have some wine and oysters. There is a place in particular that I love and it's called the Hog Oyster Farm. Great place.

At night, we go night kayaking and experience some of the bio-luminescence that is so freaking awesome. Any water you disturb lights up. You gotta google it but it's so much fun. The camp site for that place is called Olima. Other places have waterfalls so we go there during the day and make a day hike out of it. Not my favorite thing in the world but it's still nice to see the falls especially right after when the snow melts and you see the power of mother nature with the water raging down. The falls is called bassi falls.

I'm hoping I can still make Maui this summer with my Sis. Not sure about the timing on that so we'll see. I know Heidi wants me to go camping in Maui next month too. Not sure if this Covid is going to be gone by then so I have my doubts on that one. But I know for sure, Heidi will post a lot of events and I'm sure more that I can handle.

That's all I got this late Easter Sunday. I checked my bank account and I saved $1,000 this month staying home. This at least puts a smile on my face. Gotta take the positives where you can get them :) Well, it's getting late. I want to watch a few shows to turn my mind into mush then it's off to sleep. I took a power nap earlier so I can stay up a little bit more.

Hang tight peeps. This current situation isn't prison. You will see your friends soon enough. Do some soul searching and self improving. Come out of this a better person. Take what life gives you and make the most of it :) This virtual stuff won't last forever. At least for most peeps. Some live like this all the time so this is normal for them I guess. haha.

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