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2020-04-12 17:57:34 (UTC)

Shoe in the other foot 🤫

Funny how life looks different when you are on the other side. This time, I'm on the other side of a failed relation (if it even counted as one). I broke up, yet later, I get a call. She wasn't wanting me anymore and I was more than ok with that. I don't deal with people flip flopping around not knowing what they want or digging in for the hard work of what a relationship needs.

So now, I see her probing, looking for a possible crack. Hoping she can find her way in back into my life . Yet, she sees there are no openings. The further she digs, the further away she she ends up being. It's a dead end really and I just try to avoid the inevitable ending by making jokes about it. But yeah, she sensed she wasn't going to be with me anymore and she lost what little grasp she had.

Now she has to face the music. Whatever magic we had is gone. The cork is out and the genie has left the bottle. I'm glad I got out of that situation. It was doomed from the start. Now I can move on and live my happy life with people I can see, hear and eventually touch! haha.

Life is good. I'm getting paid well. Got great friends. I love working out and keeping healthy. I got my batch of that awesome tasting cinnamon sticks. Pretty much got the basics covered. Now all I got to do now is go out there and grab life by the horns which I am capable of and more than willing to do. I'm ready to rock baby!!!!

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