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2020-04-12 15:48:31 (UTC)

Pot luck. There is always that one person!

So I smoked my ham. We all made some very good dishes. I had a tray out for this one person named Ali which was enough for four. Everyone else were couples. We met at a nearby parking lot to exchange food. Everyone brought over multiple side dishes for each person. But Ali? Sigh.. she brings one side dish and the dish she gave me was exactly proportioned for one person. I think it was ambrosia. She didn't even fill the little dish she gave. So she hands me this thing and I give her a tray of ham. Everyone else gave multi dishes and that was good. But Ali? Sigh.. there is always that one person I tell you. Then she has the audacity to ask for my adult brownies too. Well why the effe not? May as well.

The top tray is what I gave Ali.

The top tray is mine. I took less of the ham so I made sure others had more. The bottom tray is what Ali made.

This is Ali's creation. I think my brownies may have been bigger than this.

It took 4.5 hrs to smoke my ham. I think it came out awesome. A sampled it before I cut it up. Oh so good :)
Here is a before and after.

Anyway, it was still good to see my friends from afar. Heidi and Shanti rocked it. Made up for what Ali made. Now I have to get ready for a zoom Easter dinner with my peeps. A little silly but it's fun and it'll put a smile on my face. I remember.. 1%.

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