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Life through my spiritual eyes❤️
2020-04-12 17:57:53 (UTC)

Meet me in this broken place ❤

Listening to: Without you - Ashes Remain
Underneath the cold November sky
I'll wait, for you
As the pages of my life roll by
I'll wait, for you
I'm so desperate just to see your face
Meet me in this broken place
“Some women fear the fire. Some women simply become it.” ― R.H. Sin
Good Evening and Happy Easter🌙
I know it is difficult to not be surrounded by family and loved ones. I miss mine :( I hope everyone was able to reach out in some way to stay connected. The world is so broken right now but if we all do our part, maybe we won't have to stay another holiday apart. Hugs to those feeling alone this holiday❤

Today seemed like it flew by despite not doing anything really. I was up at 7am and worked out for 2 hours. I am determined not to get the "quarantine 15" as they put it lol. I have slacked a little the last week or so but I did not gain so now I am focused on accomplishing my goals. Why not? what else am I doing? lol

I worked on some crafts. I made a nice dinner in my crockpot and let it simmer all day. I am not a big eater but it made my tummy grumble a few times lol. I managed to get some laundry done too. I also managed to finish my pedicure and paint my toes this evening. Now they look pretty. It's so easy to get lost in what is going on, so easy to become depressed and feel the loneliness of not seeing family and friends. I have been trying to do something every day that makes me feel good about myself or my environment. One small thing can make a difference. I write a few things down every day I want to get done and I use the day to focus on it. I also write one thing about a new beauty routine to do, a pamper of sorts. It's been helping me tremendously.

I did not have another dream like last night. I had a cluster of dreams last night and a few that woke me but none I remember. I keep a notebook and a pen next to my bed and as soon as I write, I document my dreams if I remember. I had taken Dream Analysis while attending university for my psychology degree. I find dream analysis quite intriguing. It has helped in figuring out some of my dreams that are linked to my abilities. I am still hoping to find information on whether the little girl from the other night's dream, actually lived here in my current home. I am not even sure where to look. I believe in public records but right now I don't imagine I would be able to talk to someone. I know the city is still open but I imagine only dire services. I will post more as I look into it.

I watched the last of 50 shades series. I have to say, I am so smitten with their love and connection. I am a sucker for romance. I am true believer in twin flames, fate, and all that jazz lol. I have spoken about it here lots. I also binge watched "Tiger King". It was good. I think all of them are corrupt personally.

I am feeling a bit lonely tonight. I have my daughter here and my puppy but I miss arms around me, being held tight, kissed, attention. Probably not the best idea to watch 50 shades haha.

Think I am going to go finish the last of the laundry and settle in with a movie, blankie, tea and puppy cuddles.

Goodnight! ❤

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