London Life
2020-04-12 22:47:03 (UTC)

Badly prepared

It's now apparent that the UK death rate from the virus is the worst in Europe. This is not surprising given the lack of preparation in getting ventilators, PPE and testing equipment in January, when we had more preparation time than other countries. Instead, there was no Cobra meeting in February and the Prime Minister disappeared to Kent for two weeks. This fatal lack of action is compounded by the running down of public services by the Tories in recent years, and the selection of a cabinet based not on talent, but how keen they were on the EU exit. And they were warned by a committee report in 2016 that the country would be unable to cope with a pandemic, but didn't act on it.

It seems the pubs were not shut sooner because the Government was worrying about their Northern votes - they were thinking about a 2023 election, rather than the 2020 spreading virus. Yesterday the home secretary tried the Jeremy-Clarkson-style non-apology: "I'm sorry if people feel there have been failings over PPE".

On the third day of the Easter weekend, once again from 10:00 we listened to three 'No Such Thing As A Fish' podcasts, in bed and on the sofa, then wandered down to King's Cross where a normal train service still appears to be running despite an almost total lack of passengers. It was sunny and hot, and there were colourful, skimpy mini-dresses being worn, making me slightly embarrassed that I'd ventured out in a scruffy old denim skirt I'd slung on over my lounging-around leotard.

I did do some football fixture analysis I've been thinking about for years, while listening to the Amazing Chart, and some reading, as well as making some progress watching our saved documentaries, watching programmes about Brunel and Roman Britain. Social media has exploded so much during the lockdown that Jack spends most of his time keeping up with it.