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2020-04-12 22:15:55 (UTC)

🐰Happy Easter🐰

Woke up around 4:00am.
Emotional wreck.
Fought back tears all morning.
Not sure why.

DD2 messaged me....
“Do you miss me? I miss you, I want to see you”
Then, next sentence...
“I hate it here in Wis..I want to move”

Not sure what the heck he wants from me......The door is shut. Looking to get off on trying to hurt me more? Or is he missing me for the right reasons? DOUBTFUL! I’m no dummy. If someone truly misses someone, they won’t only message once every other week. I know I wouldn’t. Probably a tactic to see if he was back on block. Funny how I said this morning I was going to. Not sure what is the meaning to it all. A test of some sort maybe. Will always have love in my heart for how I knew him before I knew the whole him. But, the pain outweighs the love. I’m not going to back track down that dark path. I was being engulfed. I’m finally in the sunlight, and getting better, I will continue on this path.

Sheldon is sleeping, sick. Dehydration.
None of us are feeling well.

Finally finished a design today.
Still working on the next chapter.

Happy Easter.
I’ll be back, when I get the strength, time and energy.