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2020-04-12 13:01:13 (UTC)

A day late and a dollar short

Man, I see what's happening and people are just a little too late for things. They don't see past their first step. First was TP and eggs. As if that's really what will keep them alive should this stuff go a lot longer. Staple food like pasta, soup, rice, etc is what was needed. Took care of that business and the few times I hit the market, there is now no pasta, soup, rice or basic stuff like that. Eggs has started making a comeback and the stores now have eggs and milk. I got a 1/2 gallon of mile and a dozen eggs.

I already knew that with the closing of gyms, we would be doing home workouts and would need the basics. I already had a set of dumbbells from years ago but missing a few weights because of my ex gf Tara and my ex wife's adult kid took or borrowed some. So I went to Walmart and picked up the missing weights as soon as the gyms were closed by the Gov't. Now I have a compete set from 5- 35 in 5 lb increments. Of course, people didn't realize this yet and once again, they are now scrambling for weights. Specifically dumbbells. Now people are selling them on Offer up or Craigslist for 5 times the original price. SMH.

I have 3 propane tanks because I used to do a lot of bbq and used it for camping. I don't use charcoal. Takes too long for me. Is it needed? Maybe not and I had them only for the purpose of camping and home bbs. I have a bbq grill and two camp stoves just in case. Not saying this is next but I love to camp so I have this ready already. Batteries? I got lots of those too. Just the common ones. AA and AAA. Lots of flashlights that are usb charged and ones that are dependent on batteries. So just in case we lose electricity, I'll at least last a month or two without it.

So while I didn't prep for all that, I just had most of them and I got lucky. But people need to see a little ahead of time and realize what may come next. I have two internet connections. One from my phone and the other at home. Just in case.

Firearms? People again are lining up around the gun store trying to purchase them. Again, long ass lines and the Gov't wants to control social distancing. Well, gun stores are small and don't have that luxury. Also, the Gov't wants to shut down non essentials and firearms are considered non essentials Even if they did manage to select one, who knows how long DOJ will take to approve the purchase if there is even anyone there doing that background check? So yeah, people that one firearms now are screwed! Once again, too late for that now. Oh an btw, CA is letting prisoners out early because it's said they can't keep the prisoners social distance due to the cramped space in prison. So they are letting them loose into the public. Nice.....

There are not jobs to find right now. People are losing their jobs. What do they think these prisoners will be forced to do? They have to commit a crime just to survive. So if you don't have firearms in CA, you are just SOL.

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