Pleasantly Disturbed

Broken Glass Park
2020-04-12 11:11:54 (UTC)

Political... Rant? [Lol.]

I took the political compass test. I guess my results were accurate? I'm 3 lines below the center and 1 line to the right. Basically, a right-wing libertarian. I'm almost right in between Ghandi and Milton Friedman. I'm more to the left than Ben Shapiro and Andrew Klavan, but I'm still on the right, though only slightly. I'm fairly close to being directly in the center of the graph, actually.

Yeah - I kind of think of myself as moderate, but leaning slightly to the right. I agree with the left on a few things, but the right on probably bigger issues.

I'm glad that I got libertarian, instead of authoritarian. I forget what Michael Knowles got, but Matt Walsh, he was such a troll about it! He tried to get as close to Hitler, as possible. He succeeded. He was actually further to the right!

I actually think Hitler was left-wing, though... Think about it... he was an environmentalist, very anti-smoking (that may be a bipartisan issue at this point, though), bigger government, socialist. To be specific, a nationalist socialist, thus where the term 'Nazi,' comes from.

So, what's an example of an incredibly terrible right-wing leader? George W. Bush. Lol. Okay, so he's not Hitler, but he was a warmonger and religious fundamentalist. The only thing I like about George W. Bush is that he said his favorite philosopher was Jesus. Well, Dubya, you should have actually followed his philosophy, then and been peaceful or only go after the actual people that did 9/11 (which, who knows - could have been Dubya and people under his leadership - I know it's a conspiracy theory, but that one doesn't seem too far-fetched to me!) and not been so greedy for oil, of which we have plenty here.

Here's perhaps, a left-wing view of mine: I think we do need to switch to a cleaner source of fuel, for the environment and our own lungs. Plus, the oil will eventually run out! I'm not going to extremes like
AOC or Greta Thunberg, who are fear-mongering. Greta, when she's 18, will not have the excuse of being a child anymore. If she doesn't change her views in the future, then she's dumb and allowing herself to continue being the pawn of her parents. I know she has some mental problems, but they don't seem that bad. She's fairly well-spoken. If her problems are that bad, I hope someone can help her "see the light" and get out from under her parents and other crazy environmentalist's thumbs.

Free Greta!!!

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