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2020-04-11 23:06:11 (UTC)

I'm so thankful 😇

I'm so thankful for all that I've been blessed with or lucked out or maybe even the devil helping me and later having to give my soul. Don't know. I just know that for some reason, I can deal with all that is happening and I am al prepped for this hunkering down and even possibly ready for crazy psycho bad things that may happen. I'm in CA. Criminals are being let out early. Ok, yeah, I understand. Can't keep them due to the cost of holding a prisoner. I get it. It's a numbers game. Jobs are lost. Bills are not stopping. People's jobs may not even be there once this is all over because companies may and will go belly up.

I hear they are shutting down non-essential stores. I get that too but people have been buying or trying to buy firearms because you know.. when shit happens, it happens. People are unemployed, prisoners are being released, it's not a good situation right now. So there is a big increase of peoplle now trying to buy firearms.

So for people that were once against firearms, well it sucks to be you. I could be a little melodramatic and I hope I am. But when poop hits the fan, there won't be enough cops to help out. Everyone will end up having to hunker down and protect themselves from danger. I'm sorry to paint a doom and gloom situation but when there is no work, people still need to eat. People need to survive. If they have to steal, rob, or whatever, they will do what they need to do. They won't just sit down and die from starvation.

Anyway, gun stores are being looked at by CA because it's considered non-essential. I feel bad for that single Mom that have no means to protect themselves. Can't just block them when they are pounding on your front door like in FB. Trying to figure out how she'll make rent or mortgage when she isn't working. Her company may not even be there after all of this. Even if by some miracle we are back in action lets say in May. It's a deep hole they have to crawl out of just the get back to where they were. And they are vulnerable because the frontline is spread so thin.

Just saying that a lot of people are scared poopless and don't know what will happen. I've been lucky. It's as if I accidentally been ready for this not because I'm any smarter than anyone. It was pretty much all blind luck.

For example, I have firearms. An arsenal of them. I never shot a living thing in my life. No pigs, no pheasants, nothing, nada. All just target practice I was a pretty good trap shooter. 22 of 25 on average. But yeah, I have no fear if someone one night comes pounding on my front door wanting to break in and do me harm and rob me. All my firearms were just for my hobby but now? Yeah, I'm good. It servers it's purpose for this situation we all are in.

Food? Due to my laziness, I bought in bulk. No, I'm not a hoarder. If a big pack of Starbucks coffee grounds is on sale at Costco for $5 bucks off, heck yeah I bought like 4 or 5 bags. My fav shampoo on sale? That too I buy a bunch of. Also, I'm asian so I just buy a 50 lb bag of rice because.. we eat a lot of rice. Spam? An asian and from Hawaii? Pffft, yeah, no problem with running out of that. Pantry is full of stuff and I have multiple pantries. Again, it's because when there is a sale, I buy in bulk. Again, all because of my liking sales and all because of blind luck.

I still have my online gym I attend. That is probably the most helpful thing right now that is keeping me sane. All the other things are just comfort things that tells me not to worry and it's all good. But working out is what keeps me from going ape shit nuts at home. I know people are going crazy. I get it I know even before all of this that people already were stressed.

Let me dare ask this. All those people that are stressed, suicidal, or just feel so out of it... how many work out and do a crossfit like workout? I'm willing to bet that all the super depressed people, suicidal people, etc, etc. doesn't work out. You will hear that they just don't feel like it or it isn't their thing. Let me tell you right now that I was that person. I was that person that didn't want to lift my ass off the lazyboy. I was that person that wanted to die. That was years ago. I recall saying I was a waste of life and that I was just wasting air. Yeah... I said that once in one of my posts.

So simple as it seems, silly as it seems, stupid as it seem, working out is still in my opinion what will save you from your hell. Your body will take care of you if you take care of it. I know. I was there in the dark caverns of my hell once not so long ago.

So that's all I got for now. Still got lots of spam, coffee, wine, rice, tp, pantrias full of food. Smile, be thankful for this alone time, and if you're reading this, then you're not homeless so you got a roof over your head. Hey, even if you ain't paying rent, it'll take 6 months normally to evict you so it's still all good bro! haha.

Good night peeps. Don't forget to smile :)

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