London Life
2020-04-12 00:43:56 (UTC)

Catch Up

I haven't written lately, as this diary is supposed to record all the different places and events I usually go to each evening and at weekends, but with the Lock-down, each day is similar. I usually get up first and catch up with the Guardian. We start work about 9:30 and go for a walk at lunchtime, not always in the same direction but usually to a shop, though today we did a litter-pick instead. At weekends I go back to bed at 10 and we listen to two podcasts, then heat another on the sofa.

I've been going on a run every second day, generally avoiding parks as it's sometimes hard to social distance, and some people are jealous of runners still being able to go out and do something they enjoy. I've managed to vary my routes quite a lot. The runs make me feel so much better in the mind.

Still I feel I'm losing months of my life. Summer events are being cancelled and moved to the autumn or next year. The EFL is strongly hinting that the season will finish behind closed doors, the worst solution, which would severely test my loyalty.

We haven't watched any more DVDs, so there's a real question about why we keep them. In fact we haven't watched as much telly as I thought we might, just the news and a slow attempt to watch documentaries we recorded ages ago, on the basis that if we don't watch them now, we never will.

We ordered three days worth of pies from Young Vegans and also had a delivery from What the Pitta. We've got Falafel wraps twice each from both a man in Parkway and a restaurant in Kentish Town Road, as well as a vegan Indian place in Brecknock Street.

Jack volunteered to help at the new hospital at Excel but apart from the first day, they've cancelled all three, including Easter Sunday tomorrow, so we've got four days to fill.

I still haven't tidied up but I have read a few of my old notebooks, football annuals and flicked through one or two old books. At nights I'm re-reading Paul Kennedy's 'The Rise And Fall Of The Great Powers' which always makes me tired.

The "coffee chats" at work have run out of steam a bit. My boss left with a virtual leaving drink, where a surprising number of people don't seem to think he's an annoying, cackling bore. I left the meeting without leaving a message or signing his virtual card.

He objected to me asking him to authorise an amendment, because he's no longer my manager, which is typical. He also gave me a very poorly-written annual review and is still harping back to one incident when I "lost" a document, though he mis-worded it to make it look as if I'd followed the correct procedure.

Elina is still keen to chat. Trouble is, once she gets going it's hard to stop her. I joined one Zoom chat with the Barnet volunteers, though the platform is not regarded as safe. I joined another, started spontaneously by Vicki, but left in a bit of a panic after the sound didn't work at first. Sally noticed and queried me about it.

I saw Hanri on a run and saw Abi and Dom by the Co-op another day. We've done three live virtual pub quizzes, one from Haringey runners on Zoom, where we scored quite low but not the lowest, and a couple from a Tottenham fan which are quite easy.