London Life
2020-03-29 00:00:00 (UTC)

29th March 2020

Another weekend, and I haven't started doing the things I was supposed to sort out at home. The trouble is, life without going out to things every day is boring enough, without doing boring tidying up. At least last week we spent productive time sorting out Jack's bike.

We've been waking up at 10 and we have a cuddle for two hours while listening to the No Such Thing As A Fish podcast, then listen to another episode or two on the sofa. At last I'm able to satisfy this insatiable wish for hugs without having something else I need to get to.

I haven't even been on a run this weekend, I'm certainly eaten more so I'm in danger of putting on weight. As I haven't seen many mini-skirted girls, I hadn't been looking at my sexy Flikr collection, until I realised this, which made me look and get over-excited writing captions which meant I couldn't sleep! I've got 795 followers which means nothing, as I am unable to upload any more pictures since they reduced the limit.

Today we went up to Breknock Street, but the nice shops were not open so we just got some stuff from a normal corner shop before heading back to King's Cross. Jack was on the phone with his family and solicitor for two hours while I listened to the Amazing Chart. Someone wrote to me about the Top 100 - I've got followers there as well. He'd obviously been tracking the movements of several tracks, which was pleasing.