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Life through my spiritual eyes❤️
2020-04-11 14:14:48 (UTC)

They wonder where I wander❤

Listening to: Someone you loved - Samantha Harvey (Cover for Lewis Capaldi)
I'm going under and this time I fear there's no one to save me
This all or nothing really got a way of driving me crazy
I need somebody to heal
Somebody to know
Somebody to have
Somebody to hold
It's easy to say
But it's never the same
I guess I kinda liked the way you numbed all the pain

“They wonder where I wander when I look to the moon.” --Me

Good Evening! 🌙
I love this cover, she sings so heartfeltly, one of my favorite cover artists, She also sings "Before you go" by Lewis Capaldi as well, absolutely moving.

Beautiful day out.. It's day Uhm, Heck I don't know lol, in quarantine. Yesterday I found out I was in a place where one of the workers tested positive. Dangit, I received an email from them notifying me. Yes, it was a necessity shopping trip. I don't go out randomly. So now I am staying in the bubble of my home and yard.
It's beautiful outside but too cold to work outdoors, so I am working on projects indoors. I did a lot yesterday, making a list every morning, I find very productive. Pushes me to get things done. I have been working out from home, hardcore again and feeling great physically.

I have had so much time to think lately. Ever have moments you see things so much more clearly than you have before? I have had moments lately where I have gained so much clarity on things I struggled with before. I am grateful for the time I have had to myself to delve into what matters to me. what I need to focus on.

I have spent most of my life putting everyone above myself. I was a people pleaser. I am a natural caregiver, healer. I want everyone to be ok even at the point of being a detriment to myself. I can't. I can't give from an empty tank. I am putting myself first for the first time in forever. That's what this week has all been about. I am making time to do things I enjoy and things that make me happy.

As I have said before, (I will try to explain in an easier way to understand) I was blessed with abilities that go back as far as my great-great Grandmother. It skipped my mother but my Grandmother had it. She was very in tune with hers and when I was little, she began noticing traits in me at age 3-4 that made her realize I had developed the same abilities. Up until she passed, she helped me embrace them and not be afraid. The main ones I focus on are Empathy and Intuitive, I have had others grow over time. In the last 15ish years, I have noticed I have other abilities growing just as strong as the initial ones. I can feel the presence of those passed. I can hear them. I can see people or shapes. I can sense something about to happen good or bad. My intuition is very sharp and I tend to know when someone has good or bad intentions. I can sense when someone is lying to me or if their intentions are genuine. I get glimpses of situations that have happened or will happen. Because of this, I keep my circle of friends small. Those who know me well, know my abilities and "most" think it's cool. Some? It freaks them out lol. No, I cannot predict lottery numbers haha

The reason I mention all this is, Overnight, I dreamt I was talking to a little girl, she was around 5-6, sweet little girl, she was wearing a floral dress but one dated many years ago. It was pretty blue and white and yellow and she had a yellow bow in her hair. I had seen her on the street I grew up on as a child. She was looking for her cat. She had wandered too far away from home and had no idea how to get back. I had offered to help her, took her hand and we walked in the direction she thought she came from as we talked. She told me her name. We walked for what seemed forever until she found a street she thought she lived on, we walked down the street halfway then she said: "There it is"..She points and I remember in my dream, my heart racing. It was the house I am living in now but my car wasn't there, it was an older car. She let go of my hand and ran halfway up the drive then turned and waved to me and ran into the house. I woke then. I did not think too much of it. Odd dream. Fast forward to this evening. I am outside in the backyard with my puppy, throwing a ball. In one toss, my puppy can't find it so I go deeper into the yard and I see the ball near the back, As I approach it. I stop in my tracks as I see, besides the ball..a yellow bow, the same one as in the girl's hair. I picked it up and it was old and ratty. It was not there yesterday. It may mean nothing to everyone else but it means a lot to me. I was not bothered by this but I feel at ease with it. I made it a mission to find out if she lived here. The city records will have it, hopefully. That is just something I wanted to document here. I may post more when I find about her.

Tonight? Giving myself a pedicure, I ordered an electric nail file and manicure set, with the UV gel light, since I cannot get to my nail girl any time soon, oh how I miss her haha.

Off to do just that! Have a wonderful evening all! ❤

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