deanne and Connor

our dialog
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2020-04-11 08:50:46 (UTC)

April 11.....

i had another short virtual class this morning at 9:00 sharp. i am home alone so i purposely set up at the dining room table with both of my computers on -- class on my work computer and palace on my personal computer. i waited for You, provocatively, on my personal computer while i addressed my students on the other. i hoped that You would visit and find me there, not that dissimilar to when i went down on You and gave You an orgasm last week while my "other" husband sat 10-12 feet away. :)
So now i sit for a little bit, dressed partially, ready and hoping You will visit and let me bring You pleasure.
i miss You very much. This stay at home stuff and not seeing You often is starting to wear on me.
Did i say i miss You?
i miss You.
Very much.
Your s/w/c....

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