Experienced Life
2020-04-10 16:57:18 (UTC)

There is a God 😇

I just got done with my gym session. It was brutal. I felt the burn today and I guess it's due to the accumulation of all the workouts I did all week. It couldn't be all the wine I've been drinking at home. No sir, couldn't have been that. 😇 Anyway, when I checked my zoom meetup for tonight's class I was going to conduct, I see that all except for Heidi cancelled. So we talked about it and decided to cancel it and quickly before some rogue person signs up and I'd have to commit to working out. Whew! Cancelled it and it's all good now. I get a quiet night of no working out twice. Once is ok but two would have been challenging. I got only one class to attend tomorrow and that's fine. I can live with that.

That makes 9 or 10 total for the week. Makes me feel good. Didn't just sit on the sofa, watch TV and get fat. By summertime, we'll be hitting the lakes, camping, fishing, kayaking and it'll be nice to not have picked up weight during this quarantine.

Tonight, my friend Heidi wants to set up an adult scavenger hunt via Zoom. She's cool. I like how she thinks up all this weird stuff for us to do and that's what our group needs. Someone to come up with these kooky ideas and we do them. Not my thing so I may not go but I recall telling myself... 1%. 1% that you may have a blast doing so so there you go... That's the reason I should attend.

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