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2020-04-10 16:01:03 (UTC)

⚠️Chapter Three⚠️

⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️ Caution harsh content ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️

Chapter three

Eva W, slowly places her hand gently on Crissys. She whispers, “it’s going to be ok”. And Eva W walks Crissy to an office room.

(I honestly don’t remember much from here on out. But will continue as my memory allows me)

Crissy was home. Her Aunt, Uncle, Mother, Father, cousins, brother, two officers are all there in the living room. I remember tears, but don’t remember who was all crying. I don’t remember much of anything during this time. I remember....

Crissy was placed into a car. She stared out the window. Unable to speak. Crissy from here on out, remains a very quiet person. Never speaking much to anyone.

Crissy is at her new place to live. It’s a long shaped building. Has a long oddly shaped building on each side of this center building.
It’s the Methodist Children’s Village. There are kids her age, staring at her. Memories of the closet ordeal rush through her mind.
Crissy was walked to a room. It had two beds. There were two dressers. The floor was a cold grey concrete looking tile floor. There were windows that could not be opened. They were unusually thick looking. There were wall heaters.
She has a roommate “Dawn”. She is Indian heritage. Thin, pretty dark skin, long black hair.

It’s close to November of 1983. Not much has happened that I remember about this place.
I had to switch schools. Chastain Middle School. It was prominently black kids. I ended up becoming friends with 2 of the other white kids in the school. David and Crystal. David was over weight, and always carried a duffel bag full of knives, throwing stars, chains, etc. David introduces Crissy to self defense lessons after school. Crystal was one to explain how to survive in the new school. It was an extremely different and challenging setting. Eventually, Crissy would have to choose between the two methods of making it through the school year.

Crissys birthday is here. There is no call wishing her Happy Birthday from friends or family. No cards. No gifts. It’s like she didn’t exist. Crissy fights back her tears, and comes to the realization, she really is not wanted, or loved by anyone. She toughened up emotionally, fighting back the hurt and pain she was feeling. She is going to start transforming into a new person to continue to exist in life.

Before that happens, Christmas was here. The front room is full of all the kids in the children’s village. Everyone is opening gifts from loved ones. I had one gift, under the tree. Excitingly, I grab the gift, it’s small, there’s no card, no note, just Crissys name on it. Crissy rips open the gift, only, to have her heart hit rock bottom and start to harden like stone. It was a gift, the only gift she had ever gotten, that would change her life, views, ideas of this Christmas holiday for life.

It was.....
A large bag of.....

On that bag, was a hand written message:
“Because you are evil, and destroying the family”

Crissy went to her room, isolation was her solution. She fought back her tears, anger, disappointment. She could hear all the other children laughing and enjoying themselves.

When school returned from Christmas vacation, she decided to take Crystals advice on how to survive the rest of the school year.....Crissy became part of the top gang in school. Yes, that ment she had to basically be a piece of meat for the crew members. Crissy just mentally shut down in all aspects, just as she did with her father Thomas. The rest of the school year went smoothly.

In April of 1985, Crissy had to go to court, concerning her father Thomas. Someone drive her to the court, where Crissy was in the parking lot waiting, just walking around, and Thomas seen her, he was alone, smoking a cigarette, and said “if you still claim I did these things to you, see that ledge over there (and pointed at the drop off cliff side with a railing), I’m going to kill myself and you will have my death on your hands for the rest of your life”....
And he had finished his cigarette and walked into the courthouse.
Crissy sat on the bench, under the tree that was there, and didn’t know what to do. She was only 14 years old and was torn emotionally in all aspects.
Someone finally came out and got Crissy to bring her into the courtroom. She sat on the high seat next to the judge. She had no emotion to show. Thomas’s words/threat running through her mind. Her emotions were cold, and callous. They asked her all kinds of questions. (I don’t remember all the questions) but know, Crissy spoke one sentence that would forever change her soul.
“I made it all up, it’s all a lie”.

She was taken back to the village, where she finished up the school year.....
and returned home to Thomas and Roseann in July of 1985, because the social worker said, “you are too old to find a different adoption family, and since you said your father never hurt you, you will be returning there.”

——This starts a new chapter in Crissys life———