Nala Toph

Written Thoughts
2020-04-10 02:13:37 (UTC)

View on Sex

Well I’m no virgin, and for me that’s not news at all. Been that way for quite some time now. Now that i’ve had it on different levels i can definitely say sex with the one you love feels way better, one night stands are kinda shitty. I know plenty of people disagree with premarital sex but I simply do not care. All that matters is that it was consensual safe sex with two loving partners in a committed relationship. Now my girlfriend and I have been going outside on the bricks to have sex, and we we set up blankets on the floor so it’s soft (I mean it’s not the most comfortable but it’s something the keep the rocks from digging into our knees). She lets me play with her sometimes but i wish she would be more involved. Like i will finger her and lick it until she tells me to stop, but when i ask her to do something she just hides her face in her hands. At first this was kinda cute but now it’s a little annoying. And i mean to the point we’re I’m not even excited for sex. A few days ago we had sex and I wasn’t even horny, i was hard but, not really horny. If she would just stroke it a couple times or just lick it I’d be more happy. I haven’t even been letting her come over at night lately because of school but also I really don’t even want the temptation. Yes I love holding her, I want to be with her. But sometimes I want time to myself. Even though I don’t want sex with her, I still watch it online. After all, pornhub has blowjobs...

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