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2020-04-09 23:06:01 (UTC)

I created a monster! 😱

Oh boy! What did I do? lol. I was slacking after the Govt made the gyms shut down (rightly so). After that, I did zero workouts for a few weeks. Someone here actually sent me a message saying that I inspired them. They looked at me as an inspiration and didn't like the way I sort of stopped working out. They look at me to help inspire them? Wow! I didn't even realize that. So.... ok, I did one online zoom class with my gym. I give my gym credit. They adapted to what is going on and organized multiple coaches and changed the workout to not have to use gym equipment and to post online.

So like I said, I was not too enthused by this online thing. I mean I may as well go to Salvation army, find a VCR and look for a Jane Fonda workout tape. I'll just be watching someone on a tv screen right? Anyway, I reluctantly attended one session. The difference from a video tape and this class is that there is a live person on the other side. And I do get called out by the coach making comments that everyone online can hear. Seeing maybe but we only can see 5 others on the screen at a time. They are all there but you need to scroll to see them all and you can't while working out. Anyway, it wasn't bad.

That was on the last few days of March. Now it's April 10th? Well, here we are now and from that first day, I've been attending a session each and every day. Never missed one yet. They don't have classes on Sundays though.

Then someone spawned something with my meetup group. My friend Shanti offered to host some classes via Zoom. My friend Heidi says that I should host some too so we get both a man and a woman to host. So those are from Mon-Fri. Now I attend or host around 10-11 sessions a week now. More workouts weekly than I've ever done in my life. Yipes!!!

That's my monster I created 😈. I guess if there's too much of anything, the least evil would be working out too much. But dang!! I'm not sure if I can keep up with this. Gotta say though, my legs are looking dang good. Not muscles like those body builders but there are some and it's pretty toned. Even my SpongeBob arms are looking better. I likey :)

Almost forgot. Judy from the gym that closed down attends the same class I do. She video chatted with me via... I dunno. I pressed the green light and poof, she was on the other side. She's Indian I think or Pakistan? I dunno. Not sure but I knew she was married. We chatted and it was all innocent but something in the back of my head is telling me to be careful and not be playing with fire. So that was an interesting call.

That's it for now peeps. No pics taken today.

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