deanne and Connor

our dialog
2020-04-09 22:07:56 (UTC)


Just had a quick moment to tell you how much I ADORE you! See you soon my s/w/c

M. Xoxoxoxo
Awwwwww......that was so nice! Thank You for making my morning.
i have been looking for You the last two days in Cassiopeia. As You saw, i left a visual for You....xoxo
Oh, and i've also been communicating with one of our diary followers! We've had a good time exchanging information and chatting about being "good little sluts to our Masters" :)
On another note, look what i found on Amazon! Check it out....
It brought quite a smile to my face when i found it and read a little bit about it. Someone wrote a book about U/us! :-)
Miss You, love You, ADORE You back!