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2020-04-10 00:42:10 (UTC)

You’ll never guess who I had in the front of my taxi

A few months ago, I travelled from London to Liverpool for an interview at National Museums Liverpool. After the interview I thought I would visit some of the museums. My train was just before 5pm. And I hadn’t clocked quite how late I had cut it.

Unfamiliar with the city, I thought getting a bus would take forever, so I jumped in a cab – with 12 minutes to spare before my very expensive ticketed train was leaving Liverpool Lime Street. Little did I know that some cabs in Liverpool don’t take cards. I had no cash on me. When the taxi driver dropped me off, I told him to wait and I would get cash out to give to him. He knew I was running late for the train, and waived the fee. Instead he said: “Don’t forget me if and when you get that job in Liverpool. Us Liverpudlians aren’t so bad.”

He was such a kind man. Four months later, I got the job and moved to Liverpool. And I have never forgotten that first taste of Liverpool and its people.

I made my train. And got the job. And just wanted to thank the taxi driver.

Sahar Beyad, Liverpool