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2020-04-09 03:36:33 (UTC)

Woke up way too early 😡

It's only 3:30AM when I woke up this morning. Feel so good. I actually went to bed early.

We had our weekly work group mtg again yesterday . I shudder at some of the things some of our Network people do. Good thing I'm not doing those specific projects. I just bit my tongue because if I said something, I'll end up being assigned to take over their work or something. Nope, I'm busy as it is so I just bit my tongue which by the way is easy when you're teleworking. :)

Attended my gym class too. What I've been doing is logging into our Gym's class via Zoom. What they don't know is I record my screen so I have the workouts on my laptop. Funny thing is when class was starting with warmups, I go and set up my laptop to record the class. Coach busts me and asks me what I'm doing playing with my computer and why I'm not warming up. haha. Now if you don't know the Zoom app, everyone can see and hear the instructor. So there were 81 peeps laughing at me. But I know coach picks on me because I've been with the gym for a couple years and I always give my all. I'm like the teacher's pet for the gym. haha. I'm so glad the gym adapted and in just a few short weeks, modified things and now online classes is pretty much the norm..for now anyway. It's still very different of course since we don't have all that cool equipment at home like at the gym.

Anyway, like I said I recorded the class. After class, I replay it and take notes. Warm ups, workouts intervals, time on, time rest, how many, the moves, how many rounds, and the cool down stretches too. This is what I use for my class that I lead for my peeps but not on the same day. I still need to prep and rehearse the stuff I need to do so what I learn and record I usually teach the next day or day after. So while it's not the same, it's as close as I can give them to the actual class.

Fun workout again and they seem to like me torturing them through the workout. They keep coming back so they must like the torture. 😈 I'm actually getting a little better instructing my friends. Not as scary anymore and I sort of workout twice. One when I attend and another to tech. To support my other friend that is also teaching a class, I attend her sessions too. Not only am I attending 6 classes a week, I'm doubling up on days I teach and when I support my friend that is teach a class too. So that's like 11 classes a week maybe? Ugh...

Had to make a quick run at the supermarket today. Had to get me some steaks, milk, eggs, spring salads, and a six pack of dark beer. Hardly anyone in the store. Lots of eggs now and they limit us to one pack so that's fine. I checked and there is still no TP. Must be a hit and miss thing. I still got plenty at home. So for lunch today was salad and dinner was a nice steak. All good.

I want to try to make less Supermarket runs so I decided to subscribe to "Freshly". Those are the home delivered meals. Some are still needing to be chopped and cooked. I subscribed to those before and it was fun and great. The thing is that the meals were too much for one guy and cooking still added more time to my busy schedule so I cancelled it. Now, I'm lazy and want easy-peasy meals. Freshly has ready to eat meals and all you do is microwave them. It's like higher class non-frozen TV dinners. Here is my first order. Going to try 6 a week for now and see how it goes.

Well, I woke up too early, going to go for my power nap then morning coffee.

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