Carrie notes
2020-04-09 00:23:17 (UTC)

An Old Aquaintance Or Was He

Today I saw one John Pennington who was or is a maintenance man for where I used to live! Of course I never gave the guy much thought until he started coming into my old apartment after hours and with no work order being put in!
He wanted sex from me of course and wanted to take me to stay at his place for a night. For awhile I went along because he had me thinking I would get kicked out of Barton apartments if I didn't. It almost became true until I caught on to the game his friends and him were playing that low and behold almost got me kicked out.
Mean while John Pennington had been getting blow jobs in the parking lot of Barton apartments and smoking weed. But I left him and all the low life BITCHES of Barton apartments behind one year ago and I'm better off.
Yes, they may threaten to kick my ass because they are childish. But I don't need those losers!