Experienced Life
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2020-04-08 06:47:21 (UTC)

Snapshots of the past 😊

I wake up today to a new view. Normally, I close the blinds to my bedroom window. Not sure why. Probably because I'm too lazy to keep opening and closing it. Well, I left it open one day and voila, it's been open since. Can't see much anyway because it's mostly blocked by two big flower bushes or some kind of bush that is as high as the rain gutters. The flowers on these though are pretty nice. Looks like roses but it isn't. Looks nice enough . I don't have to buy roses for awhile at least. It's like a tie dye of dark pink, pink and the outside is white.

Again, it's so peaceful. I wake up and when my life situation comes filling my mind, I am calm and able to smile. Speaking of, try it. Just smile for no reason. Smile like a psycho or lunatic and see what happens. It's like when you smell a certain smell and it reminds you of the past. I remember being on a big ship once and the smell of the kitchen had a certain smell. When I smell that smell now, it brings me back during that time and I was 4 at the time. I remember I was 19 yrs old and was making out with this girl maybe a year younger than I was. It was hot in Hawaii that night and making out in a car, yeah... it gets a little sweaty on a hot summer night. Nothing dirty, just kissing and hugging. Anyway, when she sweats, she smelled like burning sugar. Don't ask me how or why but she did. Since then, when they'd do the normal burning of the sugar cane field to harvest the crops, I'd smell that burning sugar cane and instantly brings me back to the time I was making out with that certain gal. So I"m drifting agin huh? Yeah but I don't mind. The point being is try to smile. You'll fool your brain into being happy. Yup. It remembers that usually, when you smile, it's during a happy moment and your emotions change to being happy.

So when I see people on the streets (once not too long ago) or whenever I come across someone, I try to smile. Makes me a happier person overall and people tend to like you better. You don't have to give them anything. Sometimes just a smile is enough to make them feel a little better too.

I still remember the smelll of Elmer's glue or that other paste with the little brush inside of the bottle? I think I was in2nd grade when we had a lot of that stuff. That cheap scented car freshener? The little vial with a string going into it? I believe it was cherry or strawberry scented? It wasn't even close to it but I was poor so that's all I could afford as a 19 yr old with a VW beetle. Aaah the memories of growing up in Hawaii :)

Checking my body for wear and tear. haha. I think I'm ok considering I did two workouts yesterday. Some little small aches but nothing major. I'll be ready for class today at 4:30 then I'll be hosting a zoom class with friends at 7PM. I should be find. Body will be recovered by then. The week went by so fast. Feels like Sunday but it's already Wednesday morning.

Time for my second cup of coffee then it's time to login to work and see what's what. Later peeps. Try to remember, being in the house cooped up doesn't me your mind has to be there too. Take advantage of this moment for self improvement. You don't need to step outside of your home to do that. I'm all alone here with the exception of a visit from my stray cat when she's hungry. I'm alone but not lonely. Two different things. Loving the peace. I keep thinking too. Loony-roomie moving couldn't have happened at a better time. haha.

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