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2020-04-07 20:25:02 (UTC)

8th class 4th taught 😅

So I've been attending my online gym class since a couple days before the end of March I've been to every session so that' 6 days a week. I've been sort of hacking at teaching a class but peeps don't know the different between a real instructor and me since they don't go to any crossfit class in the first place. But it is getting more fun and easier now that I know how to time the sessions and electronics.

So I've been tweaking my Zoom app so I'm fixing the errors which is mostly operator errors on my parts. haha. I have Alexa playing the music and she listens to voice commands so I can pause and start the music whenever I want without pressing any buttons. My phone has a Tabata timer and I set the stations, time on, time rest, and how many sets being done. Easy peasy. The app is called Tabata Timer. I paid 8 bucks for it total to get rid o the ads. Easy app and cheap price so why not? Also got a stopwatch app for when it's needed. Also, I YouTubed it to find out how but I already have a built in video recorder so I can record my screen during the workout with sound. It's in the Mac already so I don't have to buy another app.

Doing this makes it like I'm doing a double workout. Today, I didn't teach but I attended my normal class and I also attended my friend Shanti's class for support. We are taking turns teaching every other day. We are getting more and more people attending. She texted me tonight saying I teach the class better than the way she teaches it.

She asked me how she did tonight. I had to give her a little support. So I told her. " You did great! You kidding me? Think of what you are doing. You're helping all these people get a healthier and longer life. That's priceless. Don't overthink what you do. No one else in our group is helping and you started it. " So that made her feel better and will be attending my class tomorrow. Hope she feels better now. It's like we've become zoom wanna be trainer buddies. haha. It's all healthy fun so everyone wins overall.

My few friends that are still physically going to work checked up on me. They asked if I was ok because I haven't physically gone to work lately. Well, maybe I'm wanting to be safe but I think.......maybe there is a chance that I'm a little disgruntled about not even getting an interview. I need to self assess what I'm thinking. I don't want to be bitter so I'll find my peace with work eventually by doing my best. Not for anyone. Not for a promotion. Just want to do it for me.

Soo Ann is still flirting with me online but nah, not taking the bait. I really like my gym too much. Face-to-face or online, it's too precious for me. It always calms me down with all the chemicals released during a workout and of course, it makes me fit and.......visible to the world. This is one basket in life I don't want to muck up. I have to do what I said before. Don't poop where you eat. So I'm keeping with that.

Otherwise? All is good. I'm loving being at home keeping my mind busy getting my workouts done at home. Oh, and my Boeger shipment came in along with a bath product a friend suggested. I'll give it a try, with a couple glasses of wine besides me while I soak in the tub.

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