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2020-04-06 21:48:40 (UTC)

My happy place ❤️

There is such an eerie quietness tonight. No stray birds squawking. No motorcycle revving and ripping down the street. No sounds of any tires burning rubber. No sirens going off and I live near a Firestation sort of. My neighbors? They could be all dead they're so quiet. jk, They aren't dead. Yet, with this eerie quiet, my other senses seem enhanced.

Yeah, I think a little about the past. I mean this is a time to reflect on things. I admit, I think about my recent past events. Things happened so fast and it sure ended just as quickly. Too bad. Maybe, just maybe it would've been something nice. But oh well, virus and all this just piled in so life happens I guess.

In the meantime, I at least am keeping busy. I don't even know where the day went and it's already almost 11PM. Boy oh boy. These past couple of weeks flew by so fast. It'll be the end of April in no time. I ordered pizza and a pasta dish from Dominos tonight. Pizza for dinner and the spaghetti dish tomorrow for lunch. Didn't feel like cooking. So when I grab the pizza, I open the oven door and open the box. I then wash my hands and grab a couple slices and put it on a plate. Then I close the lid and put it in the oven set on warm. Then I proceed to wash my hands again. Ta-dah!! That's how I try to keep my hands Covid-19 free. So everytime I go to open the pizza box, I wash my hands before I grab another slice. Then reclose and wash my hands again. Not sure if Covid-19 can stay on cardboard or not. Not sure if it'l kill that virus when the pizza and box is in the oven set to warm.

I've been watching sort of something funny or maybe porn-ish maybe? No nude pics or anything but I'm watching a vid where a couple is on the street or at the mall. He puts or she has a vibrator supposedly in her yahoo. Not sure if she does really but it's made to seem like she does. Of course, the dude has his smartphone and has control of the supposed vibration speed or intensity. So while they are shopping, having dinner or whatever it is in public, he goes and messes with the setting from high to low. Obviously, it effects the woman and it throws her off from whatever it is she's doing. So it's sort of funny and maybe a little hot too. Self control while in public.

Again, it could be all fake. I don't see anything pervy. Just the dude playing with the settings on the supposed vibrator on his smartphone. The woman struggling to walk or eat her meal. Pretty funny and pretty sexy if it's for real. The facial expressions are both funny and sort of hot.

Anyway, that was my day. I'm going to hear word from the peeps that attended tonight's class I taught about how sore their muscles are in the morning. Haha. Gotta love it. Watching Aliens for the milliionth time before bed. Good night peeps. Sorry about letting out a little of my pervness on you guys. Working out at the gym gets me worked up so yeah... can't help it :)

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