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2020-04-06 19:14:21 (UTC)

7th and 3rd class 🦵🦵

So I attended my 7th online class with my online gym and it felt great. Then I had to prep for my 3rd gym class that I had to instruct. Holy crap!!! We're getting more and more peeps to attend So I'll rotate with my other friend every other day. All for free of course. I'm glad I'm helping my friends workout during the stay at home situation. This will give them something to do, relieve stress, and if we do this more often, they will actually maintain their weight and not come out of the quarantine heavier than when they started.

I myself am maintaining my weight. I also ordered cinnamon sticks online so I can have my yummier coffee in the morning. I did my job today and it's all pretty much caught up. I have supplies. You know, I at first was scared and a little disappointed to be stuck at home but I think I can do this no problem for April. In fact, I'm guessing this will last till maybe even mid summer. If so, then I'll be pissed because I'll be missing out on camping with my friends, Maui with my relatives, and kayak fishing. But if it happens, I'll adapt and figure out a way to enjoy what I can with what I got.

Hope everyone else is feeling chippier too. Ok, I need a glass of wine to get me off of my high from the gym class I taught. Fun day. I'm actually also saving money not going out. Now if I just stop logging into Amazon, I'd do even better but.... nope!! Can't get away from drinking the cool-aid. lol . Sorry if you don't get that one millennials. haha. Everyone have a good night. Time for vino and some brain mushing TV shows.

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